Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I for Ingalls

Actually Mnmom, the Mom, here.
Been a great couple of summer weeks!  In between work and chores we fit in Z, B, U an I!

First is I for Ingalls Wilder.  During her famous childhood, Laura Ingalls Wilder and her family lived a brief time in Burr Oak Iowa.  After the horrid grasshopper plague wiped them out in Minnesota, they traveled flat broke to Iowa to help some friends run a hotel.  During their journey there they lost a baby boy Charles.  Youngest sister Grace was born in Burr Oak.  These years didn't fit into her "moving west" saga so she didn't write about them.

During MY childhood this story resurfaced and in the 1970's my Mom, Jean Jenkins, and a group of teachers tracked down the building which was miraculously still standing.  They bought it, and founded the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum.  On June 25th, they dedicated an engraved granite stone to the Founders in the park behind the museum.  My Mom sadly did not live to enjoy this day, but all her kids were there in her place.

Laura Ingalls Wilder Days in Burr Oak was the most charming thing ever.  The whole town of about 150 people put on a parade, pie auction, old-time craft booths for rope making, log sawing, wool spinning, etc., a picnic, and stagecoach rides.  Our good friends Leif and his Mom Laura, also big Laura fans, came with us.  Now we're excited to travel to Lake Pepin WI and DeSmet SD for more Laura lore.

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